New Article about Repentance and Homosexuality

I published a new article Showing Jesus’s Love to Homosexuals.

Have you ever heard people say things like “We need to love homosexuals like Jesus would” or “We should reach out to sinners and love them where they are”? If you are like me you wonder how these people can be so sure about what Jesus would have said to a homosexual. What was Jesus’s message to sinners?

Also I updated all of the articles with Facebook’s “open graph” meta tags. This will allow Facebook to show information about the article and a picture when someone shares it.

Mobile Device Website Update

Since more than 1 in 4 of my site’s visitors on are on mobile devices, I have updated this website to make it easier for them to use. The font is twice as big and the page structure is linear rather than columned. This should make everything easier to read on a smartphone. If anyone is still having problems viewing this site, please let me know.

If anyone is interested in how I designed qwertysonic for smartphones, I used CSS3’s media queries. It detects the size of the screen and adapts for a smaller one. You can read more about it here.

Site Update and New Article

I’ve updated the website quite a bit. Now all of the documents are in webpage form so you can view them without downloading a PDF or Word DOCX. This should make it easier and less sketchy to share articles. Ive also updated all of my documents to clarify things or make them more correct. If you are upset by this, I still have all of the PDF’s in a folder in

I have also written a new article about how to share the Gospel with Atheists. Hint: you don’t do anything different. You just have to realize that there is no such thing as a true atheist. You can find that article here.

New Article: Is All Sin Equal in God’s Eyes?

It is popular for Christians to assert that God sees all sins as equal, but is this really the case? The wages of any sin is death, but what does the Bible say about the equality of sin? Find it here.

There are also many more new Gospel tracts for downloading and printing. I now have Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day theme tracts. There are Living Waters and Answers in Genesis tracts as well. There are also tracts for kids and adults.

Also I updated the website so looks more professional. Now I can be less embarrassed when people visit the site. After 2 1/2 years this site is finally close to where I want it to be.